Thursday, September 11, 2008



Rocks do offer a connection to something more solid but a rock, by its very nature, is transient. It rolls along allowing the environment to shape it. Rocks learn to roll with it.

Maybe that is the lesson in holding onto a rock, learning to roll with it and not anchoring ourselves one way or the other. Emotions, good or bad, will always be changing. What one feels right this minute can be gone in the next. Clinging to old ideas, hurts and pains drags us down much like that rock, tumbling down gathering moss and other debris gets caught up and tossed aside, progress stopped.

Even so, those rocks that have come to a resting spot do offer shelter and support for those critters who seek. It's knowing when the rock is offering us a safe harbor or holding us back from a journey we all must take.

A rock can be solid, anchoring us to the moment or teaching us to roll with it. Breathe in, breathe out, move on. It should come as no surprise that I collect rocks of all shapes and sizes. Well, mostly stones as they are small enough to carry. I collect them for many reasons. One, to feel connected to the place I've been but mostly, it's a connection to all that has gone before and all that will come. The rock will continue to roll long after I am gone.

I could go on and on about rocks. Sometimes, a rock isn't even a rock. It could be a person, place or thing that offers you strength. I've written this as a rough draft ($hitty rough draft at that). This entire entry was inspired by Eileen of A Life Of Triggers and the beginning was in response to her entry on clinging to rocks.

Two more rocks. One could be an asteroid, hurtling through space but still rolling onward and the other shows the ravages of time and perhaps even a fossil or two.IMG_2000copy

*note: The photos are not what I had envisioned and I edited on my notebook so your mileage may vary.


Trish said...

Lovely post, lovely pictures.

pearl said...

i love this post, Bonnie. great thoughts and pics, but, when i saw the photo at first i thought that you'd somehow taken a picture of a chocolate cookie that i'd baked.