Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Port Washington Pierhead

Port Washington Breakwater

While not necessarily a beautiful lighthouse, the setting couldn't have been more idyllic. It truly had me longing for the days I lived in New England. The town of Port Washington, Wi is full of New England charm as the following images will show.

Port Washington 

 Fish Shanty

This next one is the old Port Washington Lighthouse. It's been restored and now serves as a museum. The town is nestled among seven hills and this is just one of them.

Old Port Washington Light

I fell a little bit in love with Port Washington, Wi.


Shirley said...

I like the New England feel to this as well! Looks like such a neat place.

pearl said...

i always love your lighthouse shots, Bonnie. We have to go to California to see them and we didn't make it there this year - first year in about 20 that we haven't.