Saturday, July 12, 2008

After The Storm Sunset


I know this doesn't adequately show the peachy orange of the sky after the storm but it is the best and only one I got. We had more storms that moved through but at 3 am. They barely register on my foggy brain.

It seems I'm going through a period of little words for my blog. My horoscope told me to not worry about expressing myself with words today. It did say to do what I feel instead.

With that, have a great weekend.

*Now playing: Best Thing by Emma Burgess - Swim


Eileen said...

So beautiful. Love the colors, it seems to me that you captured in perfectly.

Don't worry about the words. They come when they come. Just do what you feel, I like that.

Thinking of you.

Shirley said...

Beautiful, Bonnie!