Wednesday, May 21, 2008

On Idol

Espresso Memories

I was surfing through iTunes and clicked on Brooke White and what do I see but a CD that was originally released in 2005 (Songs From The Attic). Whether I would buy this CD or not is not the issue. I really thought that Idol was for the little guy, the amateur, to give them a chance to be seen and heard. Not for those that already had a CD and failed with it. Carly Smithson, Brooke White and even David Cook had a disc available in MP3 form on Amazon for awhile. I wonder how many others have a CD lurking in their past? Somehow, it just doesn't matter to me which one wins. In fact, after this season, I probably won't be back. I've watched them from the beginning, too.

What I do love is the show Bones (currently Monday nights on Fox). The season finale gave us plenty of decoys before revealing both the mastermind (cannibal) and his apprentice on the inside. For me, the crimes are background and it's about the characters, Booth and Bones. Their interaction and growth. I am already looking forward to next season.

Last night had me at Honor's Night and however long it was still a pleasant time to see so many of the kids I know win awards and recognition, even my own. I cannot believe that graduation is next week. I'll worry about that tomorrow......

Now playing... the TV and American Idol for one last time.

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