Saturday, May 24, 2008

Love At First Sight


Instant gratification demands a photo taken with the original form of instant gratification. I must say that Polaroid trumps digital on the instant front. No post processing. A photo in your hands.

The above, my new toy. It's Memorial Day weekend and the weather looks to be frightfully cold and wet with the exception of one day where it'll just be wet. Whatever your plans, be safe.


Shirley said...

Looking forward to seeing the fruits of your new toy! She's a beauty! Congrats!

Have a good weekend.

fletch said...

I'm hoping the toy will bring you many hours of creative pleasure. The possibilities are unlimited. Have fun.

Ron said...

What a great camera you have. I'm sure there will be many amazing images taken with it.

Sorry to hear about the holiday weekend weather. Let's hope the forecast is wrong and the sun reveals itself in your area.

Eileen said...

Can't wait to see the photos you take! It looks like a beautiful toy. You deserve it!

Enjoy your weekend.


Beth said... toys! and that is ONE HELLUVA TOY!!!! Can't wait to see what comes from it!

Photobonnie said...

Thanks guys. I've had a little play time with the cam. A new toy means a new learning curve but I'm happy. Not much post purchase dissonance.