Friday, April 18, 2008

Earth Movers


I do not recall feeling the Earthquake that struck southern Illinois around 4:37am. I was awake about 30 minutes earlier but had fallen back into a restless sleep. I'm not sure if my husband was up and in the shower or still sleeping. That's how unaware of my surroundings I was. Having experienced an earthquake in Seattle/Kent Washington back in the 1990's, I can honestly say, I hope never to do so again. It was loud, it was scary and it wasn't even a big earthquake. We weren't home at the time, being out at some big box store. SallyCat was really shaken up by it as was Tigger. We had a few things fall and a nick on my desk serves as a lasting reminder. My California friends laughed at me.

Yesterday's bonus of sunshine and warmth led me to Glacial Park (Illinois). It is, as its name implies, an area formed by glaciers. The hill that the windmill sits atop is a Kame. Spring is slow to arrive this year as witnessed by the still bare trees. I do see many buds sprouting on my trees today. The cool nights and warm days are good for both my soul and the budding trees and plants.

*Now playing: I Feel The Earth Move by Carole King - Tapestry

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Shirley said...

I think Karri's cats weren't too happy with it either!

We've got to get out to start exploring the area here. They should be releasing the butterflies soon at the butterfly sanctuary.