Sunday, April 13, 2008


Windy Day

This is why Polaroid's integral print film is still needed. I took this using Fuji instant peel apart pack film. It was a windy day and the 'roid shows the results. First, the wind blew when trying to peel it apart and when I tried to put it in the case I have for drying (a coupon sorter thing), the wind took it again and it landed in the dirt and had me chasing it down. Dirt and wind, while once in awhile, can be creative.... most of the time, I prefer not to have a wrecked print. And let us not forget the waste with the pull apart film. Somebody out there, hear the pleas of all those who still use and love Polaroid's integral print film. We might not be buying new cameras but we do buy and use the film. We'd most likely buy new cameras if there was a camera with advanced features.

Have a beautiful Sunday.

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