Monday, April 21, 2008

Comfort Zone

Woodstock Flickr Spring Fling

Yesterday, I stepped outside my comfort zone in several areas. Firstly, I met with three wonderful people in the Woodstock Flickr Group. I've always been hesitant to meet Internet friends but now, I can only wonder why. The outing was so much fun, the day perfect. And secondly, I allowed my photo to be taken even desperately needing a haircut.

The day started with lunch at the Public House and these yummy homemade potato chips.

Papas Italianos

And ended with Starbucks (for me anyway).


And this week is the start of 'Roid Week on flickr. You'll most likely see lots of Polaroid photos from me this week. And with that, do you have any fears or activities that fall outside of your comfort zone, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, take that first step and see where you end up. Me, I'm already looking inward and outward to battle my next fear. Leap and the net will appear, right?


Sophia Emmanuel said...

Hey Bonnie, I love the pictures!

Shirley said...

You go girl!!!

Eileen said...

Stepping out of our comfort zones is never easy, but always brings great rewards. Love the shots. What fun.

Cindi said...

you are an inspiration! i'm finally setting up a meet with 5 other flickr "girls" (yes we are discriminating) ~ and three of them i already have met and know well. it's about time! now it's just coordinating the time and place. thanks for the nudge.