Thursday, March 20, 2008



With Spring just around the corner, we have a snowstorm headed our way. Winter has one last laugh.

Speaking of American Idol, I am just so disgusted by the people who do the voting. Come on people, it's not a beauty contest. It's not a popularity contest. It's a SINGING contest. Granted, I never expected Amanda Overmyer to win but no way should she have been the one to go home this week. Come on, have you heard Kristy Lee do what she calls singing or have you already forgotten? Or even Ramiele? Those two do not deserve to be top 10 but Amanda, with her rock edge, she should have been there. You got it wrong this time. It's enough to make me pick up my phone and vote. ;) And for what it is worth, I think it was season two when one of us did vote.

*Now playing: You Can't Do That (American Idol Studio Version) by Amanda Overmyer - You Can't Do That (American Idol Studio Version) - Single


Beth said...

OMG!!! I think the same thing!!! Christie??!!!! Ramiele???? NO WAY!! they were both HORRIBLE> I don't gett that Ramiele chick....the judges keep saying she is one of the best female singers...uh..??!!!?!?!? Are they hearing something that WE'RE not hearing? Sure, Amanda wasn't going to win...but she was better than both of them put together.

don't get it!!!

Photobonnie said...

oh I know!! I figured if she made into the top 10, maybe somebody would give her recording contract. She brought something different and to me, a good different.

Christie makes my ears bleed.....