Sunday, December 09, 2007



I was out picking up some Christmas presents for The Wonderdog at Petsmart yesterday and they had a couple of dogs from a local, n0-kill facility. Just too cute and a good thing that the husband was unavailable. As I was walking around the store, though, I saw the most adorable dachshund. She was just the sweetest thing and I really wanted  to bring her home.

Snippet of conversation....

Me: "I want the dachshund."

Her: "Mom, that's a felony."

Me: "I really, really want the dachshund."

Her: "You could grab it and run."

Me: "I could?"

Her: "It's still a felony. But that rather big dog you could adopt."


Beth said...

I think your dog derserves it's own blog! How cute!!! I love scruffy little dogs...they have so much personality!

Shirley said...

I think Beth is on to something! We need to market Cassie :D

Cindi said...

i think you need another dog. definitely need another dog. i don't care what kind.
happy to help out.

Photobonnie said...

Thanks guys. Cassie much appreciates the fan club but prefers a life not in the paparazzi.

cindi, not fair. I really want a puppy but it's not in the cards. At least not yet but a little, wire haired dachshund girl would be sweet. *sigh* The dog we saw at the shelter was bigger than Cassie but Megan liked him.