Sunday, December 23, 2007

Peppermint Hugs


And chocolate kisses.... in the form of a mocha and candy cane.

The weather has been quite frightful, first with fog. And now with lots of blowing snow and wind. D'oh, of course, to have blowing snow you must have wind but this wind is unbelievable and it's cold. Yesterday, near 50F degrees and today 18F degrees. Brrrr....

IMG_2631-copy IMG_2651-copy

The Wonderdog is suffering. Yesterday she couldn't put any weight on her front right paw so a trip to the Vet and nothing definite. Medications have helped but now I can see a huge sore that makes me think I better try to have it looked at again. It concerns me as it seems to be a repeat wound and I don't know why or what causes it. This is her, don't look at my foot pose.

Otherwise, stay warm. Enjoy some snuggle time until Santa comes to visit.

*Now Playing: Let's Be Naughty (And Save Santa The Trip) by Gary Allan - A Country Christmas 2002

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