Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ice Day


No school today but so far, the day has brought rain with a little freezing rain accumulating on trees and other objects. The roads are wet and slushy. We're still under an ice warning, though.

Time to snuggle up to the fireplace with a hot mocha. :)


Shirley said...

Oh yes!!! I look forward to having a gas log fireplace in the new house where I can curl up under an afghan on cold, wet winter days with a cup of mocha!

Trish said...

Us too!

Fire in the fireplace - check
Christmas carols on the stereo - check
Hot mocha in a mug - check
laptop - check

Life is good

Beth said...

that is a really cute picture! I love your photos..

and that sounds like the perfect day to me!

Cindi said...

o man, that looks cold. brrrrr. but you know i love it. :D
i haven't left the fire all day!