Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Buck Stops Here


I went back to the Fen today. My purpose was to take several wider images of the area around a willow tree and stitch them together so I had my 28-80 lens with me. Tuesday, while at the Fen, I only had my 50mm and the Polaroid 250. Today, as I was walking back along a different path, I looked up and was startled to see this buck watching me intently. I wondered for how long had he been watching my progress and did he find me a threat. He was rather intimidating to me, looking down from the hill. Me thinking, my cell phone is in the car charging... I'm out here all alone, sure hope he's friendly. I stopped and carefully raised my camera (wishing for the reach of the 300mm) and took aim. I continued walking slowly and snapped several more images. Every time I stopped, he'd turn and look at me until I was well past. He went in the opposite direction and I continued on my way with a spring in my step and quickened pulse.

The photo documents a special moment in my day and definitely diary worthy. It felt good to be alive this day. My husband reminded me, though, that coyote wander that park, too. So now I am hesitant to go back by myself. Deer don't really scare me but coyote, they are another story.

On another note, the husband brought me butter rum Life Saver's from the airport! :) Life is good.


Kerri said...

Love how you've posted this! I would have been a bit aprehensive myself.

Photobonnie said...

Thanks, Kerri.