Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Just Say No

I love a rainy night. Windshield wipers keeping perfect time with the song on the radio. Driving my life away... It was a rainy night. A rainy night that has given way to crystal clear blue skies and a refreshing breeze, not to mention the cooler temps. Does it get any better?

On the topic of Just Say No... really, just say no. Drugs are bad. Drugs are never an answer to those dark endless hours the mind creates. Drugs don't just hurt you, the user. They hurt all those around you that care about you. That believe in you. Not just your parents and siblings, not just the girlfriends/spouses but grandparents and aunts. They create such a fear in those who love you and are afraid of losing you. Those closest to you feel a sense of betrayal and of a trust broken. Even those who knew of your past never would have thought you'd go back. Why do you find yourself turning to drugs just when all is going well in your life again? Work, love, your future was bright. What did you think that needle would do for you? That first prick, first trickle may have felt good but ultimately, drugs place you in the darkness. A darkness that has you stealing from those you love. A darkness that brings about such reckless behavior. Drugs, they rob you of the bright future you so rightly deserve.

I will always believe in you, in the goodness that hides deep within your soul. That part of you that perhaps doesn't believe you deserve that bright future. You are such a creative soul, your words and poetry speak a truth. You do have the power to break the hold drugs have on you. It takes work and a belief in the goodness within you. You'll have much soul searching and forgiveness to find. Trust to rebuild. You've been given another chance at life. Drug addict doesn't have to define all that you are, not if you don't let it. You are so much more. You are a son, a brother, a grandson, a nephew, friend... you have the love of a good woman and her son. You are a poet.... and so much more. Drugs don't have to end all that you are. I have faith in you, I believe in you.... Find the strength within yourself to heal your life. Blame won't heal, only forgiveness, understanding and rebuilding of a trust. While I'm not going through this firsthand and cannot begin to fathom what those nearest you are coping with, I do know blame won't help nor will second guessing and wondering why or how clues could have been missed.

I do hold hope that the dark rainy night will give way to a bright sunny day. It won't be easy, not for you and not for those around you. A broken trust that rips through to your very heart and soul never heals easily. But it can be healed with work.

Just Say No.... And Life Can Be Good. Life Is Good.


Elan Photography said...

o, sweetie. i'm so sorry. i don't know the details, nor do i need to; but you're hurting and someone close to you is hurting and i'm sorry. i'm sending good vibes your way. feel 'em?

Photobonnie said...

Thanks cindi. It's a tough situation and it's hitting the family hard at times. I feel helpless this time around.