Wednesday, May 16, 2007

On Meteorology

I can't resist a storm moving in and when the weather bulletin alert read along the lines of cold air aloft, funnel and wall clouds possible, the adrenaline kicked in. I grabbed the camera and started scouting the sky. While I'm not totally disappointed that no funnel cloud appeared (remember a funnel doesn't touch ground), I did see interesting patterns in the sky, even rain bands while it was still dry over me.

So where does M find her deep interest in Meteorology? Could it be the excitement (mixed with a bit of fear) that I have for weather? Could it be the apple doesn't fall far from the tree (or is that nut?)? With her math and physics aptitude and interest in all things weather, did I mention she wants to fly into a hurricane!, meteorology does seem like the perfect fit.

Lightning does frighten me and when it approaches, I go indoors. A flash appeared out of nowhere, practically over my head and that ended my photo journey, along with the downpour of rain.

*Editorial Note: I do not like that the street light is growing from the Basswood tree.


Elan Photography said...

of course she gets the love and thrill of dramatic weather from her mama! my kids (particularly #2 son) love storms. the three of us grew up in the mountains and we would watch nightly as storms (and lightning shows) rolled in over the plains. when we moved to the city #2 son and i became the fools standing on the balcony searching for the funnel while the tornado sirens were going off. lightning fascinates me; but, yes, is nothing to taunt. it will always win.
awesome shot, btw. :)

Photobonnie said...

Thanks cindi. I'll watch lightning from a distance but as soon as it gets close, I go indoors. Well, mostly. I've been informed that if you can hear thunder, it's too close. If you can see it, it's too close. But did you know it's safe to talk on a cell phone during a thunderstorm? It is!!