Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Karma Kar

I think my car knows that something is up. This weekend we were looking at Mini Cooper's. What a cute, little car. They've made some changes for the better. Maybe my Karma has me in a Mini Cooper S or maybe not.... but my car certainly showed it's displeasure yesterday when not starting.

I'm off to listen to some new music and dream of driving a Mellow Yellow Mini Cooper S, sunroof open wide and shifting into the wind. :)


Elan Photography said...

you HAVE to get one! its a sign!! my friend has one and she looks so damn cute in it. i always worry about safety in smaller cars, but i need to get over that. when you're number's up, it's up.
i may start looking at the VW bugs again... ;-)

Photobonnie said...

A sign, maybe. We test drove one a year or so ago and it does have a very firm seat. We called it the Butt Buster. We would have test driven one on Saturday but they were so busy we couldn't get a salesperson to even acknowledge us. They are super cute, though. Oh and all the current models seem to be a standard (stick shift). Do I really want to shift again? hmmmm... maybe.

Beetle.... been there and did that with a happy, yellow bug. :)