Monday, April 16, 2007

It Must Be Monday

I wake up like most every morning. Stumble downstairs, turn on the computer and wait for M to make an appearance. Gather up all the school stuff, double check the time I'll be picking her up and go out to start the car. At this point, we're none too early. Put the key in the ignition and it won't start. Nada. I have battery power so it's not that. I try again and again. It makes a sound like it wants to start but it won't. Megan makes a mad run to school as we live close enough and I begin the process of trying to decide what is wrong with the car. I call for a tow truck and make arrangements with the dealer for service. Mr. Tow Truck Driver arrives promptly and the car starts. Isn't that always the fear, make that appointment and all symptoms miraculously disappear? That's always my luck. Something with the emissions and cold air might have flooded the lines. All appears to be working but the confidence level in my 3 year old car has taken a severe hit.

It's 9:30am, I'm showered and ready to face the day save for the lack of coffee this morning. No time to make any so now, I think I'll put on a pot and enjoy the rest of the morning.


Shirley said...

You are a brave one facing a Monday without coffee first!!!

Photobonnie said...

It sure is nice when the Mister makes coffee in the morning and I stumble downstairs and find a cup waiting for me.... Thanks Shirley.

Elan Photography said...

yikes. i hate car problems. i'm so inept at dealing with mechanics, etc. - o, i've done it. but i hate it. i'm happy it wasn't anything serious and m could run to school!